Barbara Joann Combs 

Beauty, Joy, Invest

If your walls could talk:

"That is a remarkably creative piece covering your midsection. Thank you. I hear you’re about to get a bold, relief abstract with authentic Baltimore Bus Shelter glass! The upstairs walls will be envious!" One Wall To Another                                                                                                                                            

Who doesn't enjoy beauty? From cars, homes, clothing, accessories, soul mates…we're looking for our particular form of beauty that will enrich our lives. This artwork is unique, with rich colors and clear textures you must see to totally enjoy.

Wouldn't you rather experience JOY over some of the other emotions? Whether at home, the office, or given as a gift of love, these artworks are sure to elicit such delight. They were created unhurried when I am relaxed and at peace. The images, materials and workmanship will give you delightful hours of viewing pleasure and stimulating conversation. Looking to invest in fine art? You can confidently purchase these authentically made artworks to begin or add to a collection. 


An idea comes to mind and a drawing takes form in my sketchbook. From sketchbook to working an idea out on canvas with thick impasto techniques…carving into linoleum or wood and watching the image come to life when the print is pulled…playing with fluid acrylics like watercolors as the textures form on paper…this is my life fuel.

"What is your style?" and "What is your favorite medium to work with?"are the most asked questions. I'm just too rebellious to be put in a box. Every time I see colors, textures, shapes, boxes, containers, pictures...I'm serious...I get exited thinking about what to create with it. I saw these huge bolts holding a section of metal bridge and thought...Whoa! Then I quickly took a picture for reference. The most rewarding part of creating is when an idea becomes visual. I can touch it with my hands, experience it with my emotions and people totally enjoy the artwork. 

Since childhood creating art has been a passion. I dreamed of having a place where I would create art, teach classes and inspire creativity, there's gallery space to exhibit, offering some type of food with jazz music playing and I would live on top. The adventure continues...